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From: Paulo J. Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 18 08:34:44 EDT 2006

On 18/04/06, Nicholas Chubrich <chubrich at cs.brandeis.edu> wrote:
> Danny--(and everyone)---
>         This discussion over Danny's tutorial begs the question: why not
> set up a PLT tutorial wiki?  I believe I raised the topic of How to
> Use Scheme several weeks ago; would the authors of that be willing to make
> that material available as the base for a collaborative tutorial?  We
> could use what material there is, but most especially just the headings
> could serve as an outline around which an eventual tutorial might
> coalesce.

I have thought about that. In fact, I've developed SchemePT.org with a
tutorial book in Portuguese, however, things turned out to be quite
different as I expected. So I've been developing a new schemept in
Scheme but written in English with a different goal. I hope to be able
to integrate a tutorial (hopefully, not too academic) book on it.
However, it is still under development and I've been having a lot of
work in the last few months. I'm getting more free time now for Scheme
development and I hope to have something ready soon.

>         A lot of us at least write example code in order to explain PLT to
> ourselves; it would really make sense to have a common place to gather all
> of these things and make them available for emendation and improvement.
> Put those together with existing material in HTUS; meso-tutorials of the
> kind Danny has written; excerpts and condensation from the reference
> documentation; even some of the discussions from this list;; and there
> is already quite a lot of raw material out there, no doubt.

My tutorial book idea was hopefully be kind of a more structured than
a compilation of code snippets. For that kind of material why not use
the scheme wiki?


Paulo Matos

> Nick Chubrich.
> On Sat, 15 Apr 2006, Danny Yoo wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Sorry for being so late about this, but I restarted work on getting that
> > "class.ss tutorial for Java programmers" thing more fleshed out.  One of
> > the requests I received was to add a section on mixins, so I wrote
> > something up that shows where they can be useful.  I also fleshed out the
> > section on inheritance a little more to explain to myself some of the
> > differences between inherit vs. send, just from an early error-trapping
> > perspective.
> >
> > Would anyone like to suggest improvements and corrections to this?
> > Here's a link to the revised tutorial:
> >
> >      http://hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu/~dyoo/plt/oop-notes.text
> >
> > I'm writing this stuff as I'm learning it, so this is also an implicit
> > request for correctness verification.  *grin*
> >
> >
> > Best of wishes!
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