[plt-scheme] nntp.ss - does it work ? now imap.ss and head.ss

From: Jean-Guillaume (jngllme at yahoo.fr)
Date: Tue Apr 11 09:06:47 EDT 2006


Here's another tiny bug in the net collection.

(require (lib "imap.ss" "net"))
(require (lib "head.ss" "net"))
(define-values (imp mc rmc) (imap-connect "an.imap.server.com" "my- 
id" "my-pw" "the-drawer-on-the-left"))

(extract-field "From" (caar (imap-get-messages imp '(1) '(header))))
pops up an error:
string-length: expects argument of type <string>; given #"Return- 
Path: blah blah blah...

I understand extract-field expects a string and complains because  
it's a byte-string (MzScheme manual ? It works by adding a  
(bytes->string/utf-8 ... appropriately.

In the doc, it is said that (imap-get-messages ... '(... header ...))  
will return header (as in head.ss) values which are string values,  
but we see it returns a byte-string value (and that could be better).  
Whereas (imap-get-messages ... '(... body ...)) should return byte- 
string values.

So I don't know if you'd rather update (imap-get-messages ...  
'header...) to produce strings, or head.ss to use byte-strings.


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