[plt-scheme] MrEd Designer bugs and feature request

From: Nicholas Chubrich (chubrich at cs.brandeis.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 10 13:13:40 EDT 2006

	Try changing your language level to Pretty Big.  If you have 
compiled the program (by running compile.scm) then it will need to have 
that language level; Graphical is not enough.  I assume also you are 
running PLT version 301?  (301 was the whole reason for changing the 
package in the first place.)

Nick Chubrich.

> Dear Peter Ivanyi,
> 1st bug:
> While trying to change a frame`s properties I`ve got the following errors:
> 1. reference to undefined identifier: read-from-string
> 2. reference to undefined identifier: pretty-print
> It seems like you haven`t include the string.ss module where it should be.
> 2nd bug:
> I can`t change my frame`s label. The right behaviour should be this: when I 
> type in the frame`s label or some text parameter I should see it changing on 
> the actual frame (like it is done in Borland`s C++ and Delphi IDEs).
> 3d bug
> I haven`t managed with creating a Scheme code. The file has null size.
> Feature requests:
> 1. when I doubleclick on the Frame in the Hierarchy Window the frame must 
> appear and be visible/editable.
> 2. every button in the editor must have a tooltip with a short description
> 3. all the text fields in the properties editor must be horizontally 
> scrollable
> 4. boolean values and enums should appear as drop-down lists
> 5. it would be nice if MrEd Designer has the ability to show every change in 
> the source code for the project immediately
> 6. every action I can`t take for the element should be forbidden by the 
> interface rather than by error message boxes.
>                                     You are doing a right work
>                                                         Ivan Boulanov 

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