[plt-scheme] Can't get PLT web-server to work with MrEd

From: Eric Biunno (01rice at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 8 13:58:16 EDT 2006

Hello, this is my first post on a mailing list, so bear with me...

Using the plt web-server, I would like for users to be able to upload an
image file to the server, then I would resize the image to fit the required
dimensions for the site.
Now AFAIK, the only way I can process an image is using the bitmap% object
which is available only with MrEd. The docs for the web-server state that
"Servlets can use the full MrEd functionality" when started with the command
"web-server". But when I do this, and try to make a button% object, I get
reference to undefined identifier errors.

Can anyone help me with what I'm doing wrong? I'm using PLT version 301.
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