[plt-scheme] Problem compiling mzgtk2 as an extension collection

From: Hans Oesterholt (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Sun Sep 18 13:58:00 EDT 2005

Dear All,

I'm getting an error, compiling mzgtk2 as an extension.
It doesn't realy give a clue about what's the error. Any ideas?

Best regards,



mzc --collection-extension mzgtk2
MzScheme compiler (mzc) version 299.100, Copyright (c) 2005 PLT Scheme, Inc.
building collection mzgtk2: (info.ss mzgtk2-basic.scm mzgtk2-debug.scm 
mzgtk2-dialogs.scm mzgtk2-gobject.scm mzgtk2-gtk-version.scm 
mzgtk2-license.scm mzgtk2-stock-default.scm mzgtk2-stock.scm 
mzgtk2-textview.scm mzgtk2-tree.scm mzgtk2-types.scm mzgtk2-utils.scm 
make: make: Failed to make compiled\native\mzgtk2-basic.c; Errors 
encountered.  Compilation aborted.
checking compiled\native\win32\i386\_loader.dll
make:  checking compiled\native\win32\i386\info.obj
make:   checking compiled\native\info.c
make:    checking info.ss
make:   making compiled\native\info.c because info.ss changed
 [output to "compiled\native\info.c"]
make:  making compiled\native\win32\i386\info.obj because 
compiled\native\info.c changed
 [output to "compiled\native\win32\i386\info.obj"]
make:  checking compiled\native\win32\i386\mzgtk2-basic.obj
make:   checking compiled\native\mzgtk2-basic.c
make:    checking mzgtk2-basic.scm
make:   making compiled\native\mzgtk2-basic.c because 
compiled\native\mzgtk2-basic.c does not exist
 #f [#f,#f]: Error: procedure called with wrong number of arguments
make: *** [install] Error 1

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