[plt-scheme] Hosting Survey

From: Hans Oesterholt (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Wed Sep 7 13:11:00 EDT 2005

Noel Welsh schreef:

>A quick survey:
>Would you pay $10 a month for hosting that included the PLT
>web server?  Let's assume it had a stable release, and a
>nightly snapshot, and you got 10s of MB of space.  
No, I personally not, but I've got only low traffic on my website and 
I've got
my own personal machine 7x24h connected to the internet via ADSL.

If I would have a site which needed much traffic and had to earn money
through it, I would definitely want hosting including a PLT web server. 
I might also have need for tomcat or cocoon things, so I might want a
hetrogenous environment.

>you need DNS, email, and other features?  Would you need a
>shell? Would you be happy with 'when we get around to it'
I would definitely need DNS, email (through SMTP), and I would want to
be able to SSH/SCP to my site.

>If you wouldn't pay $10 would you pay $5?
Well er..?

>Answers to me please.  I don't want to create any
>expectations about this survey so I won't say why I'm
>posing the question, but if you're truly curious you'll
>figure it out.
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