[plt-scheme] A game in scheme

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 23 23:03:03 EDT 2005

I have written a small game using Scheme and a graphics library called 
Allegro( http://alleg.sf.net ). The game is a clone of an older game 
called XQuest I wrote which is based on Atom Jack's XQuest which in turn 
is based off of some old Mac game called Crystal Quest or something.

Download: http://www.rafkind.com/jon/tar/xquest-0.1.tar.gz

To play it you need Allegro( http://alleg.sf.net ) and mzscheme. On UNIX 
install Allegro like so:
$ ./fix.sh unix && ./configure --disable-asm && make && make install

Then to play
$ mzscheme -f xquest.ss

The point of this isnt really to write a game but to show that its 
possible to use a powerful graphics library from Scheme in an easy 
manner, say for students to use.

Features of this game include:
 * 2 levels
 * horrible graphics
 * no sound or music
 * fun!


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