[plt-scheme] Scheme Portal Store and Domain Online!

From: Paulo Jorge Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 19 05:39:03 EDT 2005


I received the exact same request from other US users. The problems
seems to be that the spreadshirt.com has different products from
spreadshirt.net. Which is unfortunate! However, as I told privately to
those who contacted me, I can order some teddy bears and send them
directly to those who wish some, and then we can arrange a way for
payment.  (The easy way would be through PayPal, I think.)

In the meantime, I asked spreadshirt.com services if they could get
the teddy bear.

I hope to have an answer soon. If they don't get the teddy bears, I
will email you all for the bear, to know if you want me to send one to


Paulo Matos

On 19/10/05, Dave Herman <dherman at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> > A shop for US users:
> > http://schemeportalss.spreadshirt.com
> > which differs in the shop for EU users:
> > http://schemeportalss.spreadshirt.net
> Is it not possible to offer the teddy bear from the US shop? I can think
> of some people it'd make a great gift for... :)
> Dave

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