[plt-scheme] Re: analogies

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 18 16:38:28 EDT 2005

On Oct 18, 2005, at 4:11 PM, Prabhakar Ragde wrote:

> Matthias wrote:
>> In case you want to use/teach HtDP, you should use the Beginning 
>> Student Language, aka BSL, which resembles Scheme in the same manner 
>> that Java resembles C++.
> I can't believe you actually said this. Not that it isn't accurate, 
> but I'd rather not even think about analogies of the form
> BSL:X :: Java:Y which put Beginning Student and Java on the same team 
> in some fashion. I have used analogies of the form BSL:Java :: X:Y, 
> for instance where X = a solar car and Y = an eighteen-wheeler, or X = 
> indie music and Y = top-40 AM radio... --PR

Many people think C++ and Java are related even though this is only 
true at the "skin" level. At the "mind" level, these two couldn't 
possibly be more different. In the same spirit, BSL borrows Scheme's 
syntax but it is more and less at the same time. -- Matthias

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