[plt-scheme] newbie GUI question

From: David Richards (dirichards at cox.net)
Date: Sun Oct 9 22:36:24 EDT 2005

Given this simple layout:

(define f1
   (new frame%
        (label "test frame")
        (parent #f)
        (width 500) (height 500)
        (x 100) (y 100)
        (style '(hide-menu-bar no-resize-border))))

(define p1 (instantiate horizontal-panel% (f1)))

(define m1 (instantiate message% ("No Event" p1)))

(define b1 (instantiate button% ("Left" p1 (lambda (button event)
                                              (send m1 set-label  
"Left Button Click")))))

(send f1 show #t)

How do we resize m1 so that all of the new label text is visible?

Thanks, -dr

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