[plt-scheme] (Slightly Off) Looking for a Sorting Algorithm

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 20 14:26:54 EST 2005

--- Erich Rast <erich at snafu.de> wrote:

> Does perhaps someone have an advice on how to tackle this
> problem?

This is vaguely related to some stuff I've looked at, so I
hope this helps:

I'm guessing you have a combinatorial optimisation problem.
 Basically: find the best of all these possible
configurations.  So I suspect you only want to enumerate
all the combinations so you can find the best one.  The
standard method for exact solution of such problems is
branch and bound.  If the space is very large then an exact
solution is probably too expensive to compute, and methods
such as simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and
cross-entropy search become applicable.

Hope that is of some use.


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