[plt-scheme] Y Combinator Exercise

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Wed Nov 16 13:07:55 EST 2005

Paulo Jorge Matos wrote:
> ...I'd like to write something about
> the Y Combinator but I'm missing ideas for an exercise where they
> could apply the concept of Y Combinator. It should not be too easy but
> also not too hard since this should be for them to grasp by themselves
> this concept. First I though about giving them an introduction to the
> Y combinator and then to ask them to solve the problem of the Towers
> of Hanoi for 8 discs for example by writing recursive definitions
> using the Y combinator.
> But I would like to know if someone has any other suggestion.

You could try the paper "Y in Practical Programs":


It has a few nice small examples.  They're in ML, but shouldn't be 
difficult to translate.

I originally saw this paper on LtU:
...but the link there is outdated.


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