[plt-scheme] text% `inner' width

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 10 15:48:34 EST 2005

At Wed, 9 Nov 2005 16:41:28 +0100, Erich Rast wrote:
> 1. How do I get the width of the area inside a text% editor, i.e. the 
> width of the area that can be filled with embedded editors without 
> causing the horizontal scrollbar to become activated?

An editor<%> has a `get-view' method, which is probably the best thing
to use. If you don't yet have an editor, you can also use
`get-client-size' on the editor canvas, then subtract twice the result
of `horizontal-inset'.

> 2. Is there any way to display listbox headers that look like they 
> should on OS X? (Well,  I know how to copy the look from Aqua/Cocoa 
> examples pixel by pixel, but I fear this would break anytime Apple 
> decides to haul up their listbox design---which is going to happen 
> sooner or later.)

Probably you can use `(lib "foreign.ss")' to get an Appearance Manager
drawing function. Use the `get-handle' method of a canvas to obtain the
canvas's ControlRef, and you should be able to get to a drawing context
from there.


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