[plt-scheme] PLT and Database access

From: nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu (nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu)
Date: Thu May 26 19:59:39 EDT 2005

What are people in the PLT world using to talk to databases like MySQL
and Postgres?  

I know what the standard recommendations are, but I want to hear from
someone who actually does this.  I keep trying and running into
bizarre problems that are well beyond my abilty to debug.  I posted a
fairly serious bug on SchemeQL's sourceforge site last month, but it
doesn't seem to have been noticed--I don't know if the package is
actively maintained any more.

I've run into another one today that may be in SrPersist, where it
stops returning results after an arbitrary number of queries, until I
restart the program.  I don't want to sink any more time into these
packages if there are better ones out there (at least, "better" in the
sense that they don't require me to open the hood and tinker).

I'd love to hear of something that simply *works*; failing that, I'd
like to know of any real experiences with any other packages.  There
must be *some* success stories out there...?


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