[plt-scheme] infrastructure grant

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed May 25 13:23:18 EDT 2005

Financial support for our implementation and infrastructure work is 
running out over the next year. I am hoping to raise money from the 
National Science Foundation (NSF) with a proposal to the infrastructure 
initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to help with the 
maintenance of projects that are useful in research and advanced 
development, but also teaching and education. The emphasis is on the 
former two; the latter two are acknowledged, and I don't think we need 
to worry about the latter.

So, if you have used DrScheme/MzScheme/MrEd/Web Server etc for research 
or advanced development and you don't want the project to die, could 
you please send a short one-page, signed letter of support to me c/o 
Eli Barzilay on some formal looking letter head please? The letter 
should state what you do, where you work, and that you have used PLT 
Scheme for research and advanced development. If you are so inclined, 
you can also add that it is critical and what you have done with it.

For addresses, see below. Thanks! -- Matthias

P.S. Electronic signatures are okay, too, indeed they are ideal.

Matthias Felleisen
c/o Eli Barzilay
Trustee Professor
College of Computer Science
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115

FAX: 617.373.5121
Email: eli at barzilay.org

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