[plt-scheme] bind(2) on a client socket.

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon May 23 11:34:17 EDT 2005

At Mon, 23 May 2005 09:15:49 -0600, Evan Farrer wrote:
> With my origninal patch the following would be allowed:
> 	(tcp-connect "www.google.com" 80 "")
> While testing I discovered that under Linux (2.6) the socket would be
> bound to and the kernel would pick the port number. Under
> FreeBSD an error would be returned (errno 49). So there exists a
> trade off between functionality and portability.

I was trying on OS X (usually the same as FreeBSD), and I didn't try
Linux. I didn't know that Linux would allow setting the interface
without the port.

I prefer to err on the side of portability, so it sounds like we agree.
But I'm glad you brought it up, and maybe others have an opinion.

> On a different note I've noticed that the docs haven't been updated for this 
> change I don't know if thats due to the lag in regenerating the docs, 

It's doc-build lag. The latest docs are from Saturday night, and I
think the the problem with last night's attempt is being fixed.

> I understand that the source for the docs isn't available, but would
> it be beneficial, for patch submitters to submit patches agains the
> *generated* docs, or a text file with the proposed doc changes,

Yes, plain-text patches/suggestions are always welcome.


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