[plt-scheme] Fw: [Schematics-development] porting SRFIs to PLT

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun May 15 07:55:26 EDT 2005

Ideally, SRFI dependencies could be specified in a portable way, rather
than a PLT-specific one.

There are a few SRFIs on "features" and "configuration", but they've not
been implemented widely.

I think there are at least two reasons that these SRFIs haven't been
implemented widely: (1) implementors dislike the SRFIs; (2) implementors
think these should wait until after an RnRS module system has been

I agree about not trying to adopt a configuration language independent
of a module system.  However, in the interim, SRFI-0 with feature names
identifying the hosting Scheme language variants (and perhaps also the
implementation of the languages) would do 90% of what I need for

Of course, if we can convince Dorai or Olin to author a regexp SRFI,
most of my immediate desire for SRFI-0 disappears. :)


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