[plt-scheme] Help writing non-trivial applications.

From: Brent Fulgham (bfulg at pacbell.net)
Date: Wed May 4 18:03:08 EDT 2005

--- Geoffrey Knauth <geoff at knauth.org> wrote:
> PLT is a great project with many good features.
> The only concern I remember is speed, so a separate
> article on porting working PLT programs to Schemes 
> built mainly for speed would allay those fears.

For performance enthusiasts, I recommend a quick
look at the Programming Language Shootout.

We've got a new side-by-side comparison mode (which
is still quite slow), but you can see some interesting
data on relative performance between language

Here we can see:

1.  That MZC does provide some benefit:


2.  MZC is often an order of magnitude slower than
Chicken Scheme.


3. MZC is quite slower than Bigloo:


4. MZC looks pretty good compared to Guile:



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