[plt-scheme] startup.ss - mzscheme

From: Hans-Martin Will (hmwill at mac.com)
Date: Mon May 2 02:43:27 EDT 2005

> Does NO_FILE_SYSTEM_UTILS work at all? Although I haven't purged it
> from the source, I've stopped trying to maintain it.

It's actually difficult to say. I think there were two issues that need to
be fixed directly because of using this setting [a forward delaration needed
to be moved out of an #ifdef block, and a function was missing a return
NULL.] However, since I am targeting Windows Mobile, there have been tons of
other problems in getting the sources compiled: Windows Mobile does not
contain the ASCII compatibility layer for the Win32 API (everything is
Unicode), and also lacks many of the utility functions for file management.

So I have been able to get a successful compile of the mzscheme, but then
was failing in the startup code (specifically: startup.inc), which was
referencing several of the functions that get excluded through

- HM

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