[plt-scheme] Bug with tabs in DrScheme

From: Evan Farrer (farrer at eng.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 31 10:02:01 EST 2005

I think that I've come accross a bug with DrSchemes new tab feature.

I'm running WindowsXP with the following DrScheme version:
  Welcome to DrScheme, version 299.101-cvs28mar2005.
  Language: Textual (MzScheme, includes R5RS).

If I open up two tabs (File -> New Tab), load a program into one tab click
on 'Run' then switch tabs (while the first is running) I get the following
DrScheme internal error:
  reset-region: start position not inside editor: 99

It appears to only happen with programs that are dumping text to the
interactions window, but I haven't verified this.

Of course the simple solution is to not switch tabs while a program is
running in one tab but ...


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