[plt-scheme] Re: Patch for swig 1.3.24 for mzscheme 209/299.100

From: Hans Oesterholt (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Thu Mar 31 15:58:14 EST 2005

Matthias Koeppe wrote:

>Dear Hans,
>the changes are installed in CVS; you may have experienced the delay
>on SourceForge that it takes to propagate the changes from real CVS
>server to the anonymous CVS servers.
>Best regards,
Dear Matthias,

It works now with mzgtk2 and mzscheme 299.100.
I expect it will also still work with mzscheme 209.
This however needs testing. People will also want
to test the C++ stl support. If it is possible to implement
better support for string handling (209 uses
scheme_make_string_without_copying, 299.100
uses scheme_make_utf8_string) a better implementation
is welcome.

Best whishes,

Hans Oesterholt

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