[plt-scheme] mzscheme subdirectory for SWIG

From: Dmitriy.Zavin at infineon.com (Dmitriy.Zavin at infineon.com)
Date: Mon Mar 28 18:47:24 EST 2005

I think we should probably convert the SWIG stuff to FFI. I added the
struct code that is currently in SWIG. If you define a struct mapping,
then SWIG will create a scheme structure if your func is supposed to
return a struct. It's fairly limited since it only goes one way
(C->scheme), but it suited my purposes.

Is anyone planning to make an mzscheme_ffi module for SWIG?


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 >For anyone using swig for coding: I've made changes
 >to the mzscheme subdirectory in share/swig/1.3.24
 >to let it work with mzscheme 299.100.
 >I'm attaching a tar of this subdirectory.
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