[plt-scheme] PLT Scheme v299.100

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Mar 25 16:49:34 EST 2005

PLT Scheme v299.100 is now available from


THIS IS A v300 ALPHA RELEASE.  Teachers and students using DrScheme in
coursework should wait for the final v300 release, which will occur
close to a new semester.  Others should upgrade with caution.

For those who can upgrade, v299.100 offers many improvements,

 * Unicode characters and strings;

 * access to foreign functions and libraries directly from Scheme;

 * continuations that are portable among threads;

 * macro improvements (e.g., eliminated "identifier for a definition
   already has a module context" errors);

 * improved class system (augment-only methods);

 * improved and revised contract library;

 * anti-aliased drawing (on most platforms);

 * improved GUI and text performance on Mac OS X;

 * tabbed editing in DrScheme; and

 * PLaneT (distribution system) enhancements, including compilation
   support, Help Desk integration, and a command-line interface.

The v300 series (including v299.100) is incompatible with the v200
series. The most significant incompatibilities include (1) support for
Unicode breaks old programs that treat characters as bytes or
pathnames as strings; (2) case-sensitivity is now the default; and (3)
the built-in exception hierarchy has been revised.

For more details, follow the "Release" and then "Release Notes" links
in Help Desk.

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