[plt-scheme] connecting to a database

From: Doug Orleans (dougo at place.org)
Date: Thu Mar 24 10:43:20 EST 2005

Jacob Matthews writes:
 > I'm working on a web application, and I've finally broken down and
 > admitted to myself that I _need_ rather than wanting a relational database
 > as a back-end. I don't have much of an opinion of what particular database
 > to use, just that I be able to perform updates and selects on it from a
 > recent exp-tagged mzscheme on a Linux platform.

Been there, done that...

 > So does anybody have _any_ database working using anything in v299/300,
 > and if so what are you using? Is one of the drivers I thought wasn't
 > working with v300 actually working with it? Is there some other system I
 > don't know about?

I have a version of spgsql working with v299.  I got it from Mike
Burns, and I've added my own hacks to fix some other bugs, but I don't
really have time right now to upload it anywhere (maybe this
weekend?).  But I think it's the right path to follow, because
(1) PostgreSQL seems nicer than MySQL (2) spgsql is a pure-Scheme
library (it connects to a PostgreSQL server with TCP), no messing
around with FFI stuff.

--dougo at place.org

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