[plt-scheme] Interactions window font/color choices

From: Richard Wicentowski (richardw at cs.swarthmore.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 23 11:45:11 EST 2005


I've seen people post this question before on the mailing list, but 
I've never seen an answer.

I'm teaching a class using DrScheme v209.  I don't want a fancy GUI, 
I'm using this for teaching, not development.

I'd like my students to be able to run some code from a module I am 
providing and I'd like that module to allow them to display/write text 
into the interactions window.  However, I'd like them do be able to say 
something like:

(color-display "Some text" 'red)
(color-display "More stuff" 'blue)

where 'red and 'blue are defined somewhere to whatever they need to be.

Is that even possible?  I've searched around quite a lot without 

Any ideas?


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