[plt-scheme] Re: Change the World

From: Zhu Chongkai (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Wed Mar 23 01:30:09 EST 2005

======= At 2005-03-23, 02:51:43 Guillaume Marceau wrote: =======
>My pet theory is that it's very difficult to learn functional
>programming alone, on your own. You have to go to class and get it
>taught to you. Or you have to have a friend teaching it to you.
>Functional programming is greater than the sum of its parts. So, without
>someone to show you how the parts add up, it's difficult to get it on
>your own. 

My school taught me procedure programming and OO (C and C++) but I 
became a FPer, and I learn FP by my own. 

>With the current state of things, we don't have critical mass of
>functional programmers to overtake the inflow of self-taught imperative

Nowadays, with book such as HtDP, self-learning FP is easier than 
it was. So I disagree with you point.

>Also, there is the R6RS problem. The Scheme community is so fragmented!
>Any pair of two Scheme coders have to overcome large differences in
>coding style just to be able to share code. And gratuitous usages of
>macros are not helping.
As it is said, we need a good Scheme implementation. 

>For all its flaws, this is in fact Python's best feature. The coding
>style is well defined and well followed.
>-- Guillaume (via proxy)

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Zhu Chongkai

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