[plt-scheme] plt-pretty-big in mzscheme

From: Matt Jadud (matt at jadud.com)
Date: Fri Mar 18 06:39:19 EST 2005


I typically do the following:

(require (lib "class.ss")
          (lib "mred.ss" "mred"))

or similar if I want "Pretty Big" functionality in a MzScheme script 
(although, the latter is really only useful if your script is going to 
do anything with the MrEd windowing toolkit, I think). That gets you the 
MrEd functionality; however, if you need specific features of the 
Advanced language, then I'm not sure what you should do. The language 
levels are, actually, modules; in theory, you could

(require (lib "htdp-advanced.ss" "lang"))

which should, I would think, give you an interaction environment similar 
to that of DrScheme when running in the Advanced HtDP language.

Poking around a bit, this seems to work just fine. Requiring in the 
beginning language to MzScheme was remarkably unsatisfying.

Hope that helps,

I am trying to write a testing script where I need to invoke mzscheme
from the command-line but I need support for the plt-pretty-big
language. How can mzscheme be initialized to use the plt-pretty-big
language from a unix command line?

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