[plt-scheme] profiling in MzScheme

From: Johannes Brauer (brauer at nordakademie.de)
Date: Wed Mar 16 02:19:39 EST 2005

For examle. calling the function

(define (flatten x)
     [(null? x) '()]
     [(not (pair? (car x)))
            (cons (car x) (flatten (cdr x)))]
            (append (flatten (car x)) (flatten (cdr x)))]))


(flatten '((a b) c))

generates the profile:

% Time      Msec Calls Function
100.000         0       6       flatten

Yes, I am using v209


Am 16.03.2005 um 05:37 schrieb Matthew Flatt:

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> At Tue, 15 Mar 2005 22:49:27 +0100, Johannes Brauer wrote:
>> what is going wrong, when in the profile only the number of calls is
>> shown, the MSec column contains zeros always?
> Can you provide a little example? (And you're using v209?)
> Thanks,
> Matthew

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