[plt-scheme] keybindings

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 23 19:46:06 EDT 2005

I've been making good use of the reader macros, and not suprizingly,
I'm running out of distinctive keys to hook the reader macros too. 
Since the reader macros actually bind to charactors, not keys, I found
some neat unicode charactors that i could use for my reader macros,
but the programmer still needs to be able to enter the new charactors.

I've looked around and so far i've mainly seen mentions that changing
the plt keymaps is a grueling expirence.   I guess I'm hoping that the
harsh expirence is only if you are trying to add a new function, and
that just binding a single charactor to a new key combination might be

I'm fine with moddifying the plt source if it's easier to get my
keybindings working that way.

My other option is to use the X11 window manager to make the
keybinding, which i'm not sure how well will work out since it's
unicode.  i'm guessing by default plt takes it's input as UTF-8, but
really don't know much about how X passes key events.

Any advice?


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