[plt-scheme] DrScheme and odd characters

From: Phil Windley (phil at windley.org)
Date: Tue Jun 14 12:43:28 EDT 2005

For some reason that I don't understand, I got some weird characters  
in a file I was editting in DrScheme.  I think they were introduced  
when I cut and paste something from another window, so that's no big  
deal.  However, DrScheme didn't display them or give any indication  
that there was anything there.  When I'd run the file in mzscheme,  
I'd just get this weird undefined reference message that *did*  
display the characters:  (which an octal dump of the file shows to  
have the values 357 273 277).

Not a big deal, but it would have saved me some debugging time if  
DrScheme's definitions window displayed ALL the characters in the  
file. :-)


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