[plt-scheme] Locale problem

From: Chihiro Kuraya (rxqvw at yahoo.co.jp)
Date: Sun Jun 12 13:47:47 EDT 2005


I'm using DrScheme v299.100 on Windows 2000.
I found the following code crashes DrScheme.

(current-locale "japanese")
(bytes->string/locale (make-bytes 100))

I traced MzScheme source code (v299.106) by a debugger,
and I found the iconv_open function pointer is null
at string_to_from_locale function of string.c .

  if (to_bytes)
    cd = iconv_open(mz_iconv_nl_langinfo(), MZ_UCS4_NAME);

The problem might from that iconv.dll is not install on my system.
But just crashing is not smart.

Chihiro Kuraya
Save the earth

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