[plt-scheme] forward-chaining?

From: karczma at info.unicaen.fr (karczma at info.unicaen.fr)
Date: Thu Jun 9 09:20:47 EDT 2005

Matthias Felleisen comments my reaction to: 

>>> I've read the term and have only a loose understanding of
>>> the concept of forward chaining. [...]

>>> I'll look for this on wikipedia. Is there a better or an
>>> other site that discusses this?
>> Absolutely. In fact this is a very bad place, despite the fact
>> that all people are fabulous, competent, and helpful, and
>> I *am* sincere. 
>> This has nothing to do with Scheme, but with problem-solving
>> strategies, so, better adapted to logic programming lists/
>> newsgroups.
> Are you sure this mailing list is less about problem solving than a prolog 
> newsgroup? -- Matthias

Oh, my dear... I woke-up the Guardian of the Temple!... 

I think that statistically, YES, this list is less about problem
solving -- in this context: rule based systems -- than some forum dealing
with computer logic. I am the last to suggest that Scheme is unsuitable,
or whatever, but, frankly, not many issues related to the raised question
have been treated here. Scheme has so many different facettes... 

Did I say something harmful? Do I really deserve the death penalty? 

Jerzy K. (all relation to personages of Kafka named "K" are accidental
but meaningful). 

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