[plt-scheme] modules and extensions

From: Phil Windley (phil at windley.org)
Date: Wed Jun 8 16:47:54 EDT 2005

I'm trying to get around some namespace issue with an extension and  
went down a rabbit hole of defining modules from extensions.  I've  
pieced together stuff from the Web and http://download.plt-scheme.org/ 
doc/299.100/html/insidemz/insidemz-Z-H-2.html#node_sec_2.3 to the  
point I think this should work, but it doesn't:

I've defined the following extention:

#include <escheme.h>
#include <string.h>

Scheme_Object *scheme_initialize(Scheme_Env *env) {
   Scheme_Env *menv;
   Scheme_Object *proc;
    menv = scheme_primitive_module(scheme_intern_symbol 
("helloworld"), env);

                      scheme_make_integer_value(100), menv);

    return scheme_void;

//  return scheme_make_byte_string("hello world");

Scheme_Object *scheme_reload(Scheme_Env *env) {
   return scheme_initialize(env); /* Nothing special for reload */

Scheme_Object *scheme_module_name() {
   return scheme_false;

and compiled it using

  mzc --cc ++ccf -I/usr/local/plt/include helloworld.c

and linked it thus

  mzc --ld helloworld.dylib ++ldf  -L/usr/local/plt/lib/ helloworld.o

I've defined a module thus:

(module helloworld mzscheme

(load-extension "/Users/pjw/prog/scheme/mzgdbm/helloworld.dylib")


When I require this module somewhere else, I get

/Users/pjw/Library/PLT Scheme/299.106/collects/helloworld/ 
helloworld.ss:1:0: module: provided identifier not defined or  
imported at: helloworld in: (#%plain-module-begin (require-for-syntax  
mzscheme) (load-extension "/Users/pjw/prog/scheme/mzgdb...

indicating that the definition of helloworld in the extension is not  
available to be provided.  I'm sure I've messed up the namespaces  
somehow, but its not clear to me how.



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