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From: nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu (nishad at ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 2 13:59:25 EDT 2005

Anthony Wuersch wrote:
> A small question about the new release being prepared for:  any chance 
> Henry Spencer's regexp code will be supported by an FFI and that SREs 
> will follow?

There already seems to be an implementation of some SRE operators in
the parser-tools collection.  lex-sre.ss provides *, +, ?, =, >=, **,
or (but not its synonym |), seq and its synonym :, ~, -, &, and /.
What's left out are the word and string delimiters, submatches,
character classes, case sensitivity, and dynamically computed forms
,<exp> and ,@<exp>.

I don't think these SRE operators can be easily used outside the
parser-tools collection, though.  Functions such as regexp-search and
rx aren't provided.  But you can use the SRE notation in a scanner
that uses lex.ss.

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