[plt-scheme] DrScheme font combobox

From: Chihiro Kuraya (rxqvw at yahoo.co.jp)
Date: Wed Jun 1 08:38:52 EDT 2005

Thank you for reply.

Matthew Flatt <mflatt at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> At Sat, 28 May 2005 23:19:19 +0900, Chihiro Kuraya wrote:
> > I'm using DrScheme v299.100 on Windows 2000.
> > It appears that [Font] combobox of [Edit]-[Presference] menu
> > shows Japanese font names garbled.
> I'm not yet sure what's wrong...
> If you evaluate
>   (get-face-list)
> in DrScheme using the MrEd language (or just in stand-alone MrEd), do you
> get a list with garbled strings?

Yes, I still got garbled.
I attached screen shot.

Menu bar, editor pane, and other UI components 
display Japanese characters correctly.

But by evaluating (get-face-list), 
interaction pane displays face names garbled.

If I input Japanese characters directly by keyboard,
Interaction pane can display Japanese correctly.

So this may be a problem of strings returned by this function.

Chihiro Kuraya
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