[plt-scheme] Re: Odd GL problem

From: John Kozak (jk at xylema.org)
Date: Sun Jul 31 12:10:22 EDT 2005

> SGL can only use enumeration constants that is knows about, and it
> doesn't know about any ARB constants.  The solution is to use the
> glGetString function from the (lib "gl.ss" "sgl") library and pass
> it the number that corresponds to the GL_PROGRAM_STRING_ERROR_ARB
> constant.

Sorry, thought I'd been clearer.  I'm using a private version of sgl
which I've extended to cover this; and I get this behaviour using
either "(glGetString #x8874)" (which is the appropriate value) or
embedding and compiling a C call of
glGetError(GL_PROGRAM_STRING_ERROR_ARB) into gl-prims.c


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