[plt-scheme] PLoT questions in 299.100

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Thu Jul 28 21:21:46 EDT 2005

I am getting ready to release several packages to PLaneT and wanted to go
ahead a convert them to the pre-300 (299.100) release.  After changing some
contracts (any? -> any/c and natural? to natural/c) my collections seemed to
compile and run fine except for my usage of the PLoT package.

First, my plot extensions failed because of a bug in the fill method of
2d-view% class in view.ss.

It seems that:

      ; fill : (list-of number) (list-of number) -> void
      (define (fill xs ys)
        (pl-fill (length xs) xs ys))

should be:

      ; fill : (list-of number) (list-of number) -> void
      (define (fill xs ys)
        (pl-fill xs ys))

With that change my extensions run okay.  [I didn't see it mentioned in any
bug report, but it may already be fixed in the nightly builds.]

But the plots are very large compared to how they looked by default in 209.
Is there some way for me to control the size when they print in the
interactions pane in DrScheme?  I like printing to a pdf file for
documentation, but my plots no longer fit on a portrait view.

Doug Williams

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