[plt-scheme] Re: Status of FrTime

From: Gregory Cooper (greg at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 27 13:47:23 EDT 2005

Sorry it's taken so long to respond.  These are more difficult questions.

> Any idea if it's just the GUI section, of the whole FrTime
> framework?  I'll probably just write my GUI in MrEd.
I really don't know, though performance should be fine as long as you're 
not trying to make smooth animations.  (I'm not sure what you're trying to 
build.  Have you tried using the controls in gui.ss?)

> Speaking of the web, how does FrTime play with the back
> button?  Which is to say, if I save a continuation of a
> FrTime program and then invoke the continuation after some
> processing has occurred, will events unwind, or is there
> state in the engine which could mess things up?
The engine is extremely stateful, and capturing a continuation will not 
allow you to rewind events.  It may be possible to change that, but I 
haven't thought about it much.  I think the implications would be large. 
Do you want to be able to rewind events?

> This is lame.  The dispatcher has to know about everything
> that might occur in the application, and could easily get
> unmaintainable.   send/suspend/dispatch is one solution.
> I'm interesting in investigating FRP as another.  In
> particular I think the FRP code may be simpler as it will
> be flater (fewer HOFs).
I haven't tried, but I'd be very interested to hear about what you 
discover and provide whatever help I can.

Best regards,

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