[plt-scheme] Pretty printing of expanded syntax

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Jul 24 17:47:40 EDT 2005

Jens, that's a great use of PLT "syntax-case", and a useful tool for us
old-school "syntax-rules" masochists.  Definitely make that a ".plt" and
a PLaneT package, if they don't just incorporate it into the stock PLT
distribution.  I've been using a dumb kludge:


By the way, in a quick skim of the code, the double ellipses in the
transformer of the "let-values" production (for example) looked odd to
me.  I assume that's due to "syntax-case" esoterica I don't know or that
it's otherwise necessary.

>     [(let-values (((id) expr) ...) body ...)
>      #`(let #,(smap list #'(id ...) (pe* #'(expr ...)))
>          #,@(pe* #'(body ...)))]


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