[plt-scheme] fast primality testing

From: Henry Lenzi (henry.lenzi at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 14 23:15:28 EDT 2005

On 7/7/05, Will Farr <wmfarr at gmail.com> wrote:
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> There's a couple examples of this sort of thing in SICP
> (http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book-Z-H-11.html#%25_sec_1.2.6
> ); they have an exact algorithm and a probabilistic algorithm.  The
> probabilistic algorithm is the one you want, and it's really simple.
> Certainly good enough for 17 digits in a flash.
Hi --

 It's high time for AKS in Scheme!!
 Anything else is automatically declared "old hat"! :-)


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