[plt-scheme] v299 servlets with Unicode

From: Daniel Pinto de Mello e Silva (daniel.silva at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 30 15:34:55 EST 2005


Should I be writing v299 servlets in a special manner if they include
non-latin1 text?
For example:

(module j mzscheme
        (provide interface-version timeout start)
        (define interface-version 'v1)
        (define timeout +inf.0)
        (define (start req)
          `(html (body "Here's some Japanese: 日本語"))))

When I try to get a page, not everything comes through:

$ curl http://localhost:20080/servlets/j.ss
<html><body>Here's some japanese: 日本語</body></

and the output from web-server-text is:

read-request: http input closed abruptly

So I guess the Content-Length header is a bit short?


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