[plt-scheme] Running PLT old software on Linux 2.6 kernels

From: Philippe Meunier (meunier at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 26 11:50:27 EST 2005

Jean-Baka Domelevo wrote:
>I'm exhausted. For educational and professional reasons, I have to
>make DrScheme 103p1 work on a 2.6 linux kernel (I am running a
>Debian). The problem is that my 103p1 (the one proposed as a binary
>package on the PLT website) segfaults immediately when launched on
>that kernel. My previous kernel was a 2.4, where the PLT 103p1
>software ran fine. Can anybody provide an explanation about that ?
>P.S. I precise that *any* PLT 103p1 soft (mred, mzscheme, etc) behaves

I also recently had to compile 103p1 on a 2.6 linux kernel and got the
same result.  After playing with it a little bit I discovered that the
problem seems to be with the GC and that if you run "configure" with
the right flag to use the Senora GC instead of the default Boehm GC
you should be fine.  From what I remember you might also have to fix a
few things in a C++ file somewhere but gcc was kind enough to tell me
where and how, so it wasn't really a problem.


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