[plt-scheme] Planet vs firewalls

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jan 20 04:47:19 EST 2005

I expect a lot of people will have this problem as PLT
expands to encompass the Known World of programming:

Error downloading module from PLaneT server: tcp-connect:
connection to planet.plt-scheme.org, port 270 failed (at
step 4: Connection timed out; errno=110)

Which translates into: the local firewall blocks port 270. 
It would be must easier if Planet listened on port 80,
which is almost always open.

I suppose I could mess around with the planet-server-port
and  planet-server-name and try to do some SSH port
forwarding.  That strikes me as a pain, and I think it
would be easier to solve the problem for everyone, rather
than have everyone solve the problem for themselves.

I could also run my own local Planet server.  That would be
kinda cool but would require me to do work, and, heck, I'm

When the above situation is resolved I'll test the
SchemeUnit .plt available from Planet (for the keen, it
didn't include the GUI).


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