[plt-scheme] Immutable mappings on symbols

From: Jens Axel Søgaard (jensaxel at soegaard.net)
Date: Thu Jan 13 15:18:11 EST 2005

Carl Eastlund wrote:

 > MzScheme provides mutable hash tables keyed by symbols - actually, by
 > any data - but I can't find any functional mappings, i.e. where insert
 > and remove operations produce new mappings and preserve their inputs. I've had many occasions to want lookups based 
on symbols and it would
 > be nice to have the option of persistent data.  Is this present
 > somewhere I've overlooked, or is this a feature that could be added?

Galore provides persistent search trees.



Comments on how to improve the library are welcome.

Jens Axel Søgaard

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