[plt-scheme] Re: SOAP for PLT-scheme?

From: Matthew Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Jan 13 10:08:36 EST 2005


You definitely have all of these tools available. If you do decide to go 
the PLT route, keep me in the loop. Along with making sure that the 
XML-RPC library meets your needs, I can also share my hacked SchemeQL 
library, which I back-ended into spgsql. This way, you get the SchemeQL 
high-level interface, but have a pure-Scheme backend that can talk to 
the Postgres DB. If that's your concern, anyway.

If there is an appropriate way to share that hack more generally, I can, 
but it involved some destructive changes at the back of SchemeQL. I 
don't want to cause confusion in the library space by doing so, though.

As for your parallelism, you do have plenty of tools there as stated 
before; personally, I'm fond of the ConcurrentML channel library.


> My app needs to do three kinds of IO (a lot)  
> -- socket i/o for http as a client and server: std.browser -to-
> web-server - to - xml-rpc server
> -- db requests to postgresql, presumably using the schematics spgsql
> library, which uses the PG socket interface.
> -- file i/o, mostly serving files and writing logs. 

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