[plt-scheme] developing servlets

From: Larry White (ljw1001 at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 13:54:08 EST 2005

In the doc.txt in the collects/web-server folder  (DrScheme  v2.09 )
there's a "develop servlets" section which states:

"To develop module based servlets , open the module in DrScheme's
definitions window.   After clicking the execute button, require the
module servlet development librarary.
    (require (lib "develop-servlet.ss"))
Then use the develop servlet function to interact with the servlets....
   (develop-servlet start)

I typed in the module demo code from the same doc.  Hit run. then
tried to load the library, but  it doesn't seem to exist on my system.
 Is this document out of date?  If you're supposed to use the basic
web-server instead of develop-servlet, how is that started from within

Also in the same doc.  It says: Choosing "Create Servlet..." from
DrScheme's Scheme menu saves the program in the defintions window as a
servlet.   I don't see any such option on that menu.

I'm using the "pretty big" language option, if that matters. 


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