[plt-scheme] more questions about plt web server

From: Larry White (ljw1001 at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 7 15:42:27 EST 2005


First, thanks for the help so far.  It's greatly appreciated.   This
is the most fun i've had coding since i got paid to work in smalltalk.

1. When writing servlets, what do you do with resources that should
have application scope- things like a global hashtable for sessions or
a db connection pool that need to persist across servlets,
continuations, etc.  For the record, i can't use a single servlet with
continuations to represent an entire session with my app because it
would be too large.

2. The smalltalk days referred to above came to an end because our
chosen smalltalk used language threads in such a way that the entire
application blocked on external function calls - like a database
access for example.  Since that was where the web app spent most of
its time, it could only handle one user at a time.  (I hear earlier
versions of python had the same issue.)   Please tell me this isn't
the case with mzscheme.

Thanks again.

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