[plt-scheme] unbound variable

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jan 6 15:16:43 EST 2005

On Jan  6, Larry White wrote:
> module statement I got the error:
>                 "expand: unbound variable in module in: :accessor"
> The code looks like this: 
> (module validation mzscheme
>       (require "collects/swindle/clos.ss")
>       (defclass <validation-error> ()
>           (message :accessor msg  :initarg :msg :initvalue "")
>           (param   :accessor param   :initvalue "" :initarg :param) 
>           (value   :accessor value   :initvalue "" :initarg :value) )
> ...etc....
> )
> I'm using the full swindle language option. 

Swindle redefines lots of things.  If you look at the documentation
you will see that "clos.ss" is described as a language module, which
means that you should use it like this:

   (module validation "collects/swindle/clos.ss"

And btw, it would be even better to use:

   (module validation (lib "clos.ss" "swindle")

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