[plt-scheme] some complaints about PLaneT

From: Zhu Chongkai (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Sun Feb 27 04:54:44 EST 2005

This morning I planed to upload my package to 
the new PLaneT (v300). But after trying, although now
I BUILD A .PLT FILE and it can pass the test, I felt
that the package in planet cache is treat not as a 
PLT collection. 

For example, after I install a package with planet, 

planet -f name.plt owner 1 0

and it is in
(build-path (CACHE-DIR) "owner" "name.plt" "1" "0")

(collection-path "name")
still will not return the same as
(build-path (CACHE-DIR) "owner" "name.plt" "1" "0")

> (collection-path "name")
. collection-path: collection not found: "name" in any of: ...

And there are other similar cases, that the package 
in planet cache is treat differently as those in 'collect'


SRFI-43 for PLT semi final version now availabale at 

Zhu Chongkai

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