[plt-scheme] SXML and nbsp

From: Arend P. van der Veen (apvanderveen at att.net)
Date: Fri Feb 18 12:51:49 EST 2005


I have been converting some code from using Xexpr to SXML.  This is used 
for HTML generation.  I have been very successful.  One problem that I 
appear to be having is associated with "nbsp".  In Xexpr I would write 
something like

(td ((width "2%")) nbsp)

and get the following in HTML:

<td width="1%">&nbsp;</td>

When I try to convert this to SXML as follows:

(td (@ (width "2%")) nbsp)

I get the following in HTML (SXML->HTML)

<td width="1%">nbsp</td>

Does anybody have any idea how to correct this ?

Thanks in advance,
Arend van der Veen

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